CP 1814







Built by : MLW

Built in : 1958 as CP 8767

Serial Number : 82448

Class : DRS-18

Paint Scheme : CP Rail Large Multimark

This Photo : Ron Visockis, 1985


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 8767 at Farnham, QC., painted in the CP Rail Large Multimark paint scheme. Photo by F. Dubois, 1981. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

2. CP 1814 at Smiths Falls, ON., painted in the CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bill Sanderson, 1997;

3. NBEC 1814 at Riviere du Loup, QC., painted in the ex-CP Rail no-Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Gary R. Zuters, 2006. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Paint Data : CP Rail Large Multimark, 8" stripes > CP Rail no-Multimark


Notes : Built by MLW as RS-18 #8767 (1958). Rebuilt by CP as RS18u, chop-nosed and renumbered to #1814 (1983). Sold to New Brunswick East Coast Railway (4/17/1998), became NBEC #1814. Acquired by CN (11/1/2008). Sold (6/2009) to J&L Consulting (JLCX) and transferred to SIE Demolition, Chicago Heigths, IL. for scrapping.