CP/CLC 7006







Built by : CLC

Built in :1951

Serial Number : 2647

Class : Demonstrator

Paint Scheme : Maroon & Grey, lettered "Canadian Locomotive Company"

This Photo : Addy Schwalm, 1951. From the Bruce Chapman/Bill Sanderson collections.


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 4065 at Nelson, B.C., painted in the Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme. Photo by G. Horna, 1974. From the E.D. Motis collection.


Notes : Built by CLC as CPA16-4 #7006 (7/1951). This unit was painted in the Maroon & Grey paint scheme, but lettered Canadian Locomotive Company, with a diamond CLC logo on the nose and named "City of Kingston". Tested on CP starting September 23, 1951, and purchased by CP on December 10, 1951. Testing ended on March 25, 1952, and the unit was renumbered to CP #4065 on September 19, 1952. Retired (6/1975). Held by CP as part of their Historical Collection until 1990, when it was donated to the Science & Technology Museum in Ottawa, ON.