CP 8502







Built by : GMD

Built in :1955

Serial Number : A 700

Class : DRS-17a

Paint Scheme : CP Rail Large Multimark

This Photo : Claude Prutton, 1979


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 8502 at Ottawa, ON., painted in the Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme. Photo by Bruce Chapman, 1966. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

2. CP 8502 at Calgary, AB., painted in the CP Rail Large Multimark paint scheme. Photo by E.D. Motis, 1974;

3. CP 8502 at Smiths Falls, ON., painted in the CP Rail Small Multimark paint scheme. Photo by Bill Sanderson, 1988;

4. CP 8217 at Port Coquitlam, B.C., painted in the CP Rail paint scheme with added Beaver logo. Photo by Mark Forseille, 2006.


Paint Data : Maroon & Grey "Block" > CP Rail Large Multimark, 5" stripes > CP Rail Large Multimark, 8" stripes > CP Rail Small Multimark, 8" stripes


Notes : Built by GMD (1955). Equipped with Steam Generator, larger fueltank and water tank, for use in passenger train service; Airtanks relocated to the roof. Rebuilt by CP as GP9u, chop-nosed, and renumbered to #8217 (11/14/1988).