CP 8903







Built by : CLC

Built in : 1956

Serial Number : 2930

Class : DRS-24b

Paint Scheme : Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme

This Photo : F.D. Shaw, 1959. From the Bill Sanderson collection


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 8903, painted in the Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme. Photographer and date unknown. From the Bill Sanderson collection;

2. CP 8903 at Montreal, QC., painted in the Maroon & Grey "Block" paint scheme. Photo by Jean Patenaude, 1972. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Paint data : Maroon & Grey "Block" (long hood forward) > Maroon & Grey "Block" (short hood forward)


Notes : Built by CLC (1956), retired (4/2/1972). Sold to Preco Equipment Co., Houston, TX. (11/6/1974) via United Railway Supply, Montreal, QC. Engine block acquired by FM, refurbished and sold to a gas station in Illinois, USA.