CP 9107







Built by : Budd

Delivered in : 1956

Serial Number : 6312

Paint Scheme : CP Maroon/Gold / Warpaint

This Photo : Bruce Chapman, 1966. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Other Photos (chronological) :

1. CP 9107 at Penticton, B.C., painted in the CP Maroon/Gold / Zebra Stripes paint scheme. Photo by Bob Loat, 1961. From the Bruce Chapman/Bill Sanderson collections;

2. VIA 9107 at Montreal, QC., painted in the VIA Rail Yellow/Blue paint scheme. Photo by Bruce Chapman, 1979. From the Bill Sanderson collection.


Notes : Built by Budd (7/1956). Sold to VIA Rail (9/1978), became VIA #9107. Rebuilt at CP's Angus shops, Montreal, QC. (3/1979). CN/VIA weren't satisfied with the work done, so it was rebuilt again at CN's Pointe St. Charles shops, Montreal, QC. (9/1980), and renumbered to VIA #6215. Currently assigned to the "Lake Superior", between Sudbury and White River, ON.