Bangkok Red Light District: A Chinese tourist who is in trouble

Bangkok Red Light District: A Chinese tourist who is in trouble

A Chinese influential, Wang Ziyu traveling to Thailand and talk about Bangkok Red Light District. She ran into a very tough problem. She started it all with a movie she put on the internet about Bangkok Red Light District, and it didn’t end well.

Bangkok Red Light District: The Video That Caused a Stir

Bangkok Red Light District: A Chinese tourist who is in trouble

Ziyu got to Nana, a famous spot in Bangkok’s nightlife, on her way. It was her choice to write down what happened so that other visitors, especially women, would know about the possible dangers in the area. She didn’t know that her movie would make a fuss because she wasn’t aware of it.

As the movie went on, Ziyu painted a bleak picture of Nana, pointing out the risks there and telling people not to go there, especially women travelers. The video quickly went viral on social media, which made the Thai government pay notice.

Bangkok Red Light District: I’m sorry, please forgive me.

Following the video’s broad release, the Thai government wasn’t very happy. After giving their nightlife a bad name, they asked Ziyu to feel bad about what he did. Because Ziyu was under a lot of stress, she chose to say sorry on Facebook in the hopes of making things better. But guess what? It wasn’t enough to get.

The police kept a close eye on her because they thought there might be more to the story than they were telling. Besides that, they were right.

Bangkok Red Light District: Getting caught in the act

Well, it turns out that Ziyu wasn’t just a tourist having a good time. She was also selling things online, which is against the rules of a tourist visa in a big way. Sorry about that! In Thailand, the government wouldn’t stand for it.

After doing more research, the officials found that Ziyu had broken the rules of her tourist visa by doing things that were thought to be business-related. Do you sell things online while you’re on vacation? Not the most clever idea, really.

What will happen

Because Ziyu made a mistake, she got more than just a smack on the wrist. For what she did, she had to pay a big fine of more than 21 million rupiah. However, this is not the end of the story; she has been kicked out of Thailand and can’t come back. She has been added to their secret list, that’s true.

What I Have Bought

Remember to follow the rules when you’re in a new place! People who are traveling should learn from Ziyu’s mistake because it is a warning tale. Spend your time enjoying the sights and tastes of a new place. Breaking the rules should wait for another time, or better yet, don’t happen at all.

Therefore, the next time you are on holiday, really think about whether you should press the record button. Or try to make quick cash. Trust us; it’s not worth the trouble like she does to Bangkok Red Light District.